July 1, 2013

For Life is

Listen, O friend, I shall tell thee of the secret perfume of Life.

Life has no philosophy, No cunning systems of thought.

Life has no religion, No adoration in deep sanctuaries.

Life has no god, Nor the burden of fearsome mystery.

Life has no abode, Nor the aching sorrow of ultimate decay.

Life has no pleasure, no pain, Nor the corruption of pursuing love.

Life is neither good nor evil, Nor the dark punishment of careless sin.

Life gives no comfort, Nor does it rest in the shrine of oblivion.

Life is neither spirit nor matter, Nor is there the cruel division of action and inaction.

Life has no death, Nor has it the void of loneliness in the shadow of Time.

Free is the man who lives in the Eternal, For Life is.

---J Krishnamurti

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