December 15, 2010

Be Nobody’s Darling

Be nobody’s darling;

Be an outcast.

Take the contradictions

Of your life

And wrap around

You like a shawl,

To parry stones

To keep you warm.

Watch the people succumb

To madness

With ample cheer;

Let them look askance at you

And you askance reply.

Be an outcast;

Be pleased to walk alone


Or line the crowded

River beds

With other impetuous


Make a merry gathering

On the bank

Where thousands perished

For brave hurt words

They said.

But be nobody’s darling;

Be an outcast.

Qualified to live

Among your dead.

--- Dedicated to Julian Assange, Co-founder of Wikileaks From Revolutionary Petunias and Other Poems, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1986 by Alice Walker.

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